Hello! My name is Jill Denise Baylor, designer and owner of Jill Denise, Inc.

Frilly dresses with a tie-back bow, lace-trim ankle socks and patent leather shoes…..that’s what I loved wearing as a little girl. Dressing up was magical to me. My love for fashion, as well as art, started in the early years of my life. I loved everything related to fashion and art!

During college, each of my dorm rooms was filled with a wall of fashion photos from magazines. My love for fashion never waned. After college, I was employed with the Federal Government; a tenure of 32 years. Although I did not attend a school for design, I decided to enroll in fashion design classes as often as I could while working. Simultaneously, I worked on creating a women’s clothing line and met an awesome seamstress, who created my first set of sample garments. However, I tried to mass-produce the garments on my own and made many mistakes in the process. But, I kept going, learning more and more about the fashion industry.

March 12, 2008 – My sample garments on display at the Women’s Art/Women’s Vision Creative Expression event, United States Government Publishing Office, Washington, D.C.

In 2008, our Federal agency celebrated Women’s History Month by showcasing the talents of women employees at our Creative Expressions event. I displayed my sample garments and received a lot of positive feedback at the event. That time was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my career!

As a retiree, I now have the great opportunity to pursue my dream full time. I’m working with an awesome fashion consulting agency, Fashion Angel Warrior, so I’m getting closer to my dream!

Never give up on your dreams, no matter how long it takes. Keep going, be fearless, and trust in God always!


Jill Denise is a bridge brand, day-to-evening collection distinctly made for the classy, career woman who experiences various phases of menopause. The mission of the Jill Denise brand is to inspire women in feeling confident and looking good while staying cool and dry. We offer, not just a collection, but a lifestyle that exuberates good health, comfort, and style.


The collection will consist of blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, and suits that can be worn for business lunches, dinners, and special occasions. Garments will be constructed with a combination of fine fabrics and performance fabrics. The performance fabric that will be used to line the garments contains temperature regulating technology, called 37.5 Technology.

Fabric with 37.5 Technology is proven to help you stay at a comfy ~37.5°C and 37% humidity level. It helps cool you down when you’re hot and keeps you warm when you’re cold. This type of material may significantly reduce moisture when wearing dressy apparel. From business lunches, to dining out, I believe the Jill Denise collection can help women look and feel their best!

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