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Forever Fabulous! Makeup Tips for Older Women

British actress and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn, once said “And the beauty of a woman, with passing years, only grows!” As we age gracefully, our skin changes. From fine lines, wrinkles, to less elasticity, our skin tends to change in tone and texture. During this time in our lives, good skin hygiene and makeup application is essential in helping us to look healthier and more radiant. Check out the following makeup tips from expert makeup artists, Lindsay Katsuk, Melissa Formica, and Beth Follert:

Always Start With Hydrated Skin

Katsuk says, “Very generally speaking, as we age, our skin becomes dryer. Make sure you are cleansing and hydrating properly before any makeup application. Dryer skin tends to accentuate fine lines, wrinkles, and texture. Hydrated skin will help to plump these areas, resulting in a smoother makeup look.” This is why, as many of us know, the most basic rule for makeup prep is to always start with a great moisturizer.

Choose a Moisture-Packed Under-Eye Concealer

One of the first areas of the face to show signs of aging are the eyes—from puffiness and dark circles to crow’s feet. Formica says, “The skin around our eyes is delicate and thinner than other parts of our face. When we see dryness or feel tightness as we age, it is because this area has a harder time retaining moisture. Think about how much we move our eyes around throughout the day. They do lots of work seeing the world! So with that being said, we need to build back that moisture with layering skincare and hydrating cosmetics.”

Pay Extra Attention to Your Lips

Lip definition often softens with age, which means your lip products are more likely to bleed into the skin around your lips. Luckily, there’s some easy fixes: Katsuk says exfoliation is one of them. “Just like your body and your face you need to exfoliate and hydrate your lips. You can use a scrub (made for your lips) or a soft toothbrush to exfoliate your lips before applying your favorite lip balm or lip mask.” Next, simply apply a hydrating lip liner before swiping on lip products to prevent feathering and bleeding.

Try Using Foundation as a Bronzer

OK, it may sound risky but trust us, it works. If you’ve swapped your powder bronzer for a cream-based bronzer, but it’s still not looking quite right, it may be because you’re using a bronzer that’s too shimmery for your complexion. While a touch of shimmer can help make mature skin appear radiant, too much can actually end up accentuating fine lines and wrinkles.

Follert says that instead of using traditional bronzing formulas, she often prefers to “use a warmer foundation shade as a bronzer to create a natural bronzer effect.” Pro tip: Try reaching for a hydrating, illuminating formula that’s about two shades darker than your skin tone for the best results.

Define Your Eyes and Lashes

With age, the skin around our eyelids are more prone to lines and wrinkles, and you may see loss of density in your lashes. To bring back life to your eye area, Katsuk says matte eyeshadows are the way to go. “The general rule of thumb for smoother texture is to use more matte shades on the eyelids. For brighter eyes, try to stick with lighter colors and also keep the darker shades more towards the outer portion of the eyelids.”

For definition, Follert says to define the whole eye using eyeliner. Skip thick, dramatic lines and try tightlining your eyes along the upper and lower lash lines with a dark gel pencil. This barely-there technique is enough to make a noticeable difference without overwhelming the eye area. For an extra touch, Follert suggests adding natural-looking false lashes to really make your eyes pop, and lightly layering on mascara.

Top It All Off With Beautiful Brows

It’s only natural for body hair to begin to lighten and sometimes thin with age. If your brows are looking sparser than they used to, try using brow-defining products to instantly make them appear fuller and defined. If your brow hair is light and sparse, you’ll want to use a super precise eyebrow product to fill them in. This microfine brow pencil creates light, thin flicks that mimic the look of natural brow hairs. Bonus: Having this much control makes defining arches and filling in sparse spots a breeze.

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