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Skincare Tips for the Mature Woman

One of the most prevalent physical changes women may experience during menopause is the texture of their skin. During this time in her life, her skin has the tendency to be depleted of moisture, causing dryness and lacking sheen. To keep your skin healthy and looking radiant, use skincare products that contain the following ingredients:

Vitamin B3 – promotes smooth and firm skin. It also helps to hydrate and moisturize your skin. You can enhance the skin benefits of vitamin B3 by consuming a diet that’s rich in this nutrient, that includes foods like nuts and seeds, meat, or fish.

Vitamin E – because of its antioxidant activity, Vitamin E is vital in protecting skin cells from environmental stressors and has anti-aging benefits. Foods rich in the vitamin include plant-based oils, like those derived from wheat germ or sunflower; nuts, such as hazelnuts and almonds; seeds, including sunflower seeds; vegetables, like spinach and broccoli; or fruits of kiwi and mango.

Vitamin C – one of the most widely used skincare antioxidants, Vitamin C helps to reduce the appearance of discoloration, helps to improve elasticity and helps to prevent wrinkles. Vitamin C will also help to defend your skin against environmental factors, such as, UV rays and pollution. Foods that naturally provide a good source of vitamin C include green leafy vegetables, parsley, purple and red berries (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) and of course the citrus fruits – lemons, limes, oranges, satsumas, clementines and grapefruits.


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